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Talent Market Fit, connecting the world of business and education

Distrito Talento is an initiative by the Generalitat Valenciana’s Association of Digital Transformation Projects, inside the framework of Distrito Digital, to boost both tech employment and future digital training in the Community of Valencia (Alicante, Castellón, and Valencia)

About Distrito Talento

Antes que puedas preguntar a Chat GPT, te resolvemos la duda. You’re currently looking at a Talent Market Fit, which connects the world of business and education as it works towards driving the current and future competitiveness of the regional industrial framework, as well as attracting new companies by creating and holding on to digital talent. Moreover, the initiative is not simply aimed at young people. It is also for professionals searching for new skills to reshape their career.

At Distrito Talento we set out to reinvent the match-up between business needs in relation to qualified professionals and available training programmes, and also look ahead with an awareness that today many jobs can disappear as others burst through, creating specialist profiles for the present and the future on the horizon. We are aware of the magnitude of technology while also realising that there is a need for it to be humanised.

Talent Methodology

To achieve our goals, we use, alongside an Advisory Board that has been set up, some of the best tools on the market, methodologies that offer greater added value, and an observatory to monitor, involve, and follow-up in order to undertake new actions, and do so by following the chart below:

To activate this flow chart, the initiatives we carry out include activities such as hackathons, job fairs, talent desks, and pitch-and-coffee events to connect and involve companies, public administrations, training organisations, employment and organisations, and young people and professionals searching for new skills to reshape their careers. It also constitutes a private and exclusive community to share content of interest, create connections, and learn to learn.

The Tech-friendly Community of Valencia

Through this project, Generalitat Valenciana’s Association of Digital Transformation Projects looks to enable a more streamlined Community of Valencia by offering society the learning required to access a booming labour environment and for companies to gain greater talent. This symbiosis enables it to act as a magnet of economic activity and allows for greater social wellbeing.

The Community of Valencia is in a privileged position in the international sphere owing to its geostrategic position and its production industry with a business framework that demands the enticement of new agents and is supported by sound public and private training and employment organisations.

About Distrito Digital

This project can harness the competitive advantages of the Community of Valencia to create a unique environment which welcomes tech companies and talent, and is the home of technological transformation and digital economy and the centre of the largest ecosystem of innovation in the Mediterranean.

Agents in the Ecosystem

We have set up an Advisory Board of experts from different industries who have a major regional impact, from emerging industries, members of the technological and scientific sphere, and specialists in issues around sustainability, enabling us to uncover new fields in relation to talent trends and receive feedback.

In addition to different talent, ranging from young people carrying out STEAM training, young people unemployed in the long-term, and professionals wishing to revitalise their career and acquire new skills, the following are already on board:

  • Public administrations of training and employment.
  • Training organisations.
  • Companies, start-ups, and SMEs.

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